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  • The Spread of Christianity in Europe
    Most Catholics are fairly familiar with the history of the spread of Christianity in Europe during the first four centuries of its existence. But many Catholics are ignorant of the history of the spread of Christianity, after the fall of the Roman Empire, to various countries of Europe like France, the British Isles, Germany, etc. This article is an interesting outline of this glorious aspect of the history of Christianity.

  • My Favourite Priest
    Umberto Olivieri was born in 1884 in Rome. He served as a Captain in the Italian army during the First World War. He married an american girl and moved to California where he obtained a good position in the legal department of the bank of America in San Francisco. Olivieri was ordained in 1958 at the age of 74. He worked among the Otomi Indians of Mexico, a primitive forgotten people. For the Otomi Indians he remains a legend, their 'Padre Olivieri'. With them he lived and for them he gave his all.

  • St. Margaret of Cortona
    If Margaret is called a Second Magdalene, it is not so much because of her early sinful life, but because of the tremendous love with which she returned to God. Died in 1297 at the age of fifty, her body lies still incorrupt in Cortona, Italy. (This article is dedicated to my friend Joy Pachowicz.)

  • JOSEPH KOWALSKI - Priest and Martyr
    Among the 108 Polish martyrs declared Blessed by Pope John Paul II, in Warsaw, on June 13, beside Fr. Joseph Kowalski (31 years) killed in the infamous death camp of Auschwitz, were five university students, of the Salesian Youth Center at Poznan. The other prisoners nicknamed them, "The Jolly Five". This is their story.

  • Authentic Marian Devotion
    Marian devotion to be authentic and fruitful must commemorate whatever Scripture teaches about Mary, and not fall into superstition or encourage the fabrication of popular fantasy. It must foster invocation but avoid adoration, for Mary's maternal intercession is powerful because of the merits of her Son, Jesus Christ, and not because she herself is God.

  • Popes of our 20th Century
    Nine Popes have spanned the vanishing century. They came from the aristocracy, from the farming community, from the working classes. Each stamped his own individual imprint of the church and the world. Each left something of himself behind. Each helped to paint, in the years of his Pontificate, with inspired but characteristic brush strokes. Eight were Italian, one a Pole.

  • Untouched by Death - St. Bernadette
    At Nevers, France, in the church of Saint-Gildard Convent, lies the body of Our Lady's little friend, Bernadette Soubirous. Pilgrims are highly surprised seeing her so fresh and beautiful and ask: Is she real? Is she really incorrupt? Was she embalmed? ... Bernadette, the little peasant girl of the Pyrenees, chosen among millions to be the witness of the visit of Mary Immaculate to the world. This story is not of the apparitions but the remarkable event that took place after her death.

  • The Host that turned to visible Flesh.
    At he beginning of the eight century a certain Basilian monk was tormented by doubts in the Real Presence of Jesus, after he had pronounced the words of consecration. But before the startled priest's eyes the Sacred Host visibly changed into Flesh and the consecrated wine changed into a bright red Blood. It remains one of the greatest Eucharistic prodigies in the long history of the Church, continuing down to our own times.

  • Miracle in Mexico
    In the blood bath of persecution, Eusebio was shot in the spine and completely paralyzed from the waist down. Then one day God in His infinite mercy did something miraculous.

  • St. Rose of Vitrebo
    Rose of Viterbo is a saint from among the poorest of common people. Hers was a mission of peace, one for which she suffered as do the prophets of all times. Her feast is celebrated on 4 September, when her body, still incorrupt, is carried in procession through Viterbo.

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