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  • St. Josephine Bakhita - The Pearl of Sudan
    Born in Sudan in 1869 St. Josephine Bakhita was sold into slavery at the tender age on seven. A slave for 10 years, she suffered physically and morally, with as many as a hundred and fourteen torture wounds on her body. After being freed from slavery Bakhita joined the Canossian Sisters at Schio where she remained until her death on February 8, 1947. She was canonized on October 1, 2000 by Pope John Paul II.

  • 666 - Who Is The Beast Of The Revelation?
    In the Bible there are symbolic uses of some figures. Ancient languages like Hebrew, Greek, Syriac and Latin gave letters the value of figures. This article delves deep into the mysteries of some numbers, especially 666.

  • Blessed Joseph Vaz - Apostle of Sri Lanka
    Without institutional backing, be it ecclesiastical, civil or political, Fr. Joseph Vaz at grave risk to his life smuggled himself into the Calvinist Dutch colony of Sri Lanka. Being the only Catholic priest for ten years he single-handedly revived the Catholic Church of Sri Lanka.

  • Learning To Read The Bible
    The Bible is not a book but a library, joining together dozens of writings, history, stories, poetry and letters. Almost the only common factor is that they all speak to us of God, revealing his nature, his awesome sovereignty and tender love.

  • Is Our Lady Appearing In Yugoslavia?
    Since the apparitions began in 1981, millions of people of all faiths, from all over the world, have visited Medjugorje and have left spiritually strengthened and renewed. Countless unbelievers and physically or mentally afflicted, have been converted and healed. A priest investigates the Medjugorje apparitions.
    This article is dedicated to the memory of my father who entered his eternal rest on 13 November, 2001.

  • The Making of The Pieta
    Irving Stone, author of the best-selling "The Agony and the Ecstasy," a novel about Michelangelo, portrays a telling story of one of the greatest artists and how he created one of the greatest sculpture's of all time.

  • St Elizabeth Ann Seton
    St. Elizabeth Ann Seton is the first North American-born Saint, and the foundress of the Sisters of Charity of America. Her mother Catherine was the daughter of the Episcopalian Rector. When Pope John XXIII beatified her on March 17, 1963, he proclaimed her "the first officially recognized flower of sanctity which the United States offers to the world."

  • A Book That Almost Made the Bible
    For about 1700 years scholars knew that the Didache had once existed, but most thought of it as a document lost to the world. Some of the early Fathers considered it a part of inspired Scripture. Then in 1873, Bryennios, Greek Orthodox Metropolitan of Nicomedia, made one of the greatest scriptural finds of his day. In a church library in Constantinople, he rediscovered the Greek text of the Didache.

  • The Martyrs of China
    On 1st October 2000, Pope John Paul II raised to the highest honour of the Church a group of martyrs who a hundred years ago had laid down their lives in China for Christ. Here is a meditation on the martyrdom experience of this group, especially of the seven Franciscan friars, fifteen Lay Franciscans, and seven Franciscan Missionaries of Mary - with focus on these brave women.

  • St. John Bosco
    Don Bosco was born on 16 August, 1815. His name is so linked with the Blessed Virgin that she is often known as "The Madonna of Don Bosco." He raised several monuments in honour of Our Lady.
    In 1988, on the occasion of the first centenary of his death, Pope John Paul II proclaimed Don Bosco the "Father and Teacher of Youth".

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